Please note: This is only a small selection of recent projects undertaken.

Advisor Newsletters

Artworking for a fortnightly newsletter for both web
and print.

Scientific/Conference Posters

Artworking both conference and scientific posters including
all figures and tables following strict corporate guidelines.

The Exeter Sleeve – Branding

Artworking a sleeve for a
torch holder implementing their brand guidelines.
Preparing for print.

(in association with Space)

Guardian – Branding

Designing & artworking
various marketing materials implementing strict branding guidelines.

(in association with Space)

Fixmart Product Catalogue

Artworking a 256pp product catalogue, liaising directly
with the client & getting ready it for print.

(in association with The Stream)

Thames Hospice Annual Report

Artworking a 28 page
document for print.

(in association with
Morgan Creative)

Icon Illustration

Designing numerous icons for use in medical booklets.

Pop up Banner

Design and artwork for exhibition pop up banner.

(in association with PAW Design)

Illustrating Graphs

Artworking graphs in different brand styles for tenders, reports, etc.

SPW Logo Design

Create new logo and promotional leaflets and van livery.

SPRA Forms – Interactive

Incorporating interactivity into pdfs from pre-existing
SPRA forms.

(in association with
Thrive Studios)

NICE QRGs – Branding

Artworking various
quick reference guides for NICE implementing strict brand guidelines for print.

Canary Books Redesign

Redesigning and artworking various publications in this A5 format – involves colour coding for different topics and using specific icons for visual interest.

Fresh Air Fitness Brochure

Artworking a
28pp brochure for print.

(in association with
Morgan Creative)

UKPN Report

Artworking a large A4 interactive report.

(in association with The Stream)

BNP Report Amending an existing 
UK brochure for the Dutch marketplace. (in association with Space)

University of York
Open Day Programme

Artwork for print and prepare online version.

(in association with
Ball Design/Ballsy!)

UKPN Brochure

Amending brochure in
12 different languages including separate sticker.
Preparing for print.

(in association with The Stream)

Ashden CAC Brochure

Designing and general artworking on a 84 page interactive document.

(in association with The Stream)

 Personalised Book Covers

Designing and artworking  personalised covers for various companies for digital print.

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